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A lot of people say when you are trying to accomplish something difficult that attitude is half the battle, and when training for an Ironman, this is especially important. Enter the toughest woman I will ever know, this lady…

Johnny and Mom 4

You may notice a resemblance, my mother. I would be not be blogging appropriately if I waited any longer to talk about her to the world. It is really difficult having a child, but to than hear doctors say that your first child may not survive, that’s a tough one. Added to that, the doctors said if he does survive, he may not be able to speak, walk, sit, or stand and do many other simple tasks that people sometimes take for granted.


Johnny and Mom 9

But this didn’t phase my mother.

You see, she has dealt with adversity before… losing both her mother and her only sibling, her brother, Bret, before the age of nineteen and her father when I was only four years old. All to unexpected accidents.

Her brother, was nineteen when he came home from college for the weekend. He was tired and fell asleep in the car…it was still running. Mom found him. He had died of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Bret and Becki 1

While vacationing in the Bahamas, my Mom, her Dad and Mom, took a shuttle bus to go out to dinner on their last night on vacation. My Mom and Grandma were crossing the street together when my Grandma was hit by a van and flown 20 feet. Cars travel on the opposite side of the road in the Bahamas…she never saw the van coming.

Mom Dad and I cruise


Mom’s Dad, my “Pa”, went in for a heart procedure and never made it back home.

My Mom learned the hard way what it means to persevere. So with me, she took what doctors said, and vowed that I would go against the grain. I can remember when I was about 4 or 5 years old, she sat me in a rocking chair by myself and I screamed loudly, because I was afraid of falling out, but she did it anyway. She knew that I had to try hard for everything and never give up trying to do my best.


Johnny in a rocking chair 1

Little did she know that that moment and moments like that would change the way I viewed myself forever. I love her more than I ever could explain in one post. Even though she never will run with us, her attitude and strength makes her an important part of TeamAgar.

After the Bayshore Marathon 2012



She’s constantly telling me that I am the only one that can decide whether I can achieve my goal or not.

Johnny and Mom 8

She is why, as we inch closer to Kona, Dad and I get faster and faster every single time we go out on the road, because we have her steady hand behind us.

Johnny and Becki



I love you Mom! Thanks for telling me that I could be an Ironman…all I have to do is Tri!

Taking on life one step at a time,


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  1. Chris and Janet Doucette
    | Reply

    MY FAVORITE BLOG!! She is the best! You are a mini me of her with her positive attitude! My admiration for your Mother is endless!! I love that you shared her story!!

  2. Deborah Montgomery
    | Reply

    Yes, you have a wonderful mom Johnny. Glad you shared with us all the woman whose strength and determination helped you get on your way. I know only part of the devotion and care she gave you, and now she’s your biggest cheerleader! Go Team Agar!!

  3. Shawn Birman
    | Reply

    Awesome post! Your mom is an amazing!

  4. Lisa Cavanaugh
    | Reply

    amazing lady!!

  5. Mary Jeurissen
    | Reply

    This is a beautiful post. You and your mom are both blessed to have each other. I have so many similar feelings about my mom and my brother who was born with half a heart (hypoplastic left heart syndrome). Thank you and keep it up!

  6. Dana
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. My son is 4 & we are going through another really rough patch. There have been a lot of them lately. I woke up to your story this morning on the today show. Thanks for the God wink this morning.

      | Reply

      So glad we could help in a small way. Hoping that the days get better for you and your son soon! Will say a prayer for you guys.

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