Dream. Believe. Do.

Dream. Believe. Do.

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This video shows my two friends from Aquinas, Kail Venema and Jake Bullock, making a buzzer beater shot to beat the defending NAIA D2 National Championship Cornerstone. With no time left on the clock, Jake hits a 40 ft jumpshot from half court. They never gave up in believing…


Over the past couple of weeks I have come across three words that sum up what Dad and I have been doing throughout this entire process:

Dream. Believe. Do.

An Ironman can seem pretty crazy to a lot of people, after all it is extremely difficult to put forth the time necessary to train (which for us is about 20 hours a week in addition to working full-time), adopt the right diet, turn down invitations with friends because training was necessary, have the right mental attitude, etc. It takes a change in lifestyle to accomplish such a feat. This is where the Dream. Believe. Do. motto comes into play.


People often have dreams of pushing the limits of what they can do. “I would love to run a marathon”, “I want to start my own business”, “I dream about finishing my education”. But most people tend to stop there. The only one who can take that dream to the next step is the person doing the dreaming.

Johnny Play Like A Champion


If you believe you can do something, you are already half way to accomplishing that goal! The battle lies in believing in yourself. Picture yourself going through the steps to accomplish your goal. Visualize yourself in detail and see yourself acting out your dream. What it feels like, the sights, sounds you hear, picture the smile on your face, and feel the pride of completing your dream.

Michael Phelps has won 22 Olympic medals.  

He is one of the best examples of turning his dream into a reality. We all know his arm span and long torso make for a great swimmer, but he has something more…he believes in himself. Because he continually pictures himself winning by visualizing his body in the water, the water dripping from his face, the motion of his arms, the moment he touches the wall. When he was asked what it felt like to win, he said:

“Like I imagined it would”.

Phelps Quote 4

And then you act on the dream.


Training and doing an event such as the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona is the same way I approach cerebral palsy, people say it is amazing that I can do what I do, but I tell them that they can accomplish anything they want to too.  They only have to…

Dream. Believe. Do.

Make your dream a reality.  What is holding you back?

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