“The Ultimate Driving Machine”

“The Ultimate Driving Machine”

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Boy am I excited! This past week a lot of fantastic things happened for TeamAgar!

Dad decided it was time for me to start going on his bike rides with him and let me tell you folks, I could not tell if Dad was pulling me or if I was in the fastest BMW made! We just cruised down the White Pine Trail for 25 miles Wednesday with nothing but nature (and a whole lot of bugs around us)!

With all jokes aside, the biking leg is my favorite leg of a triathlon. Can you guess why? If you guessed for the speed, than you would be correct! The bike portion is something I affectionately call “Dadcar”, of course instead of Nascar. 🙂

We are likely to reach speeds of up to 17 miles per hour! The bike allows me to go fast and feel the wind at my face. It is a great time to enjoy nature, the view (minus Dad’s backside!), and it’s a time that Dad and I can talk about the swim portion we may have just completed in a triathlon. Biking with Dad just means more time together. Jeff and Johnny bike ride copy


Lastly, in keeping with the driving theme (although, unfortunately, in a slower vehicle), we headed to Detroit to participate in a media day for TeamAgar. The folks at the Boll Family YMCA in Detroit were gracious in hosting us! Once there we interviewed with the ABC, FOX, and CBS affiliates in Detroit to talk about our experiences and journey toward Kona.

Johnny with WDIV Johnny with FOX Detroit

Johnny with WXYZ


We had so much fun with everyone and I got to walk in front of my “Field of Dreams”, Comerica Park, home to the Detroit Tigers! I figured while the boys were away in Chicago, Comerica Park could partially become my field for a little bit!?! 🙂

Johnny walking in fornt of Comerica


TeamAgar will continue to train hard! Thanks for your support!

Taking on life one step at a time,






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  1. Clare
    | Reply

    Love your description of the bike ride and time spent with your dad!!! So excited for you- do you have links to any of the Detroit media pieces?

    • beckia@charter.net
      | Reply

      Thanks, Clare! As soon as they are televised (should be by the end of this week, around Father’s Day) I will provide the link on our website, http://www.teamagar.com

  2. Bev O'Brien
    | Reply

    So love reading your blog John and sharing in this amazing experience with you and your dad.

  3. Chris and Janet Doucette
    | Reply

    It is amazing to be able to sit back and watch your dreams come true. Your positive attitude is amazing!! I think back to that first walk at St.Pats. The sweat and fatigue was so fierce. You prevailed so profoundly. Proud does not seem to be a strong enough word!! We love you!
    Uncle Chris and Aunt Janet

  4. Beth
    | Reply


    What an inspiration you are to me! The joy I get following your blog and watching you and your amazing family take on the world. You have so much strength and enthusiasm…you amaze me! It is an honor and a pleasure to call you (and your family) our friend. Praying for you always…..

    Go, Johnny, Go!

    Jeff…..”a little bit faster now…a little bit faster now….”

  5. Deborah Montgomery
    | Reply

    Loved reading this Johnny.

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