This is the Center we credit for Johnny being able to walk! They use a holistic and intensive approach that combines medical knowledge with educational methods so your child can gain control over his or her body – and accomplish tasks you may never thought possible.


A website started by Johnny in order to help the mobility-challenged community be able to see the world without having to worry about accessibility issues.


This organization is the reason TeamAgar was formed. Their optimism, spirit, and kindness is second to none. They enable kids and adults with disabilities the opportunity to know what it feels like to cross a finish line in an endurance race.


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A lot of people say when you are trying to accomplish something difficult that attitude is half the battle, and when training for an Ironman, this is especially important. Enter the toughest woman... Read More

The Weight of “Iron”
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  “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” Lou Holtz, one of Notre Dame’s most beloved coaches and a person who I admire greatly, is quoted... Read More

Dream. Believe. Do.
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This video shows my two friends from Aquinas, Kail Venema and Jake Bullock, making a buzzer beater shot to beat the defending NAIA D2 National Championship Cornerstone. With no time left on the clock, Jake... Read More